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When I came home from running I was feeling that runners high. I can easily get in the mood for sex in that state. I flopped down in the couch and took my stinky socks off and through them out in the hall. I felt like just sitting a little before I took a shower. I turned on the TV  and thought Iíd flip through the stations, but when it came on there was a girl bent over what looked like a kitchen table and a guy behind her pumping her hard. I really never got into porn but hearing this girl moan held my attention. It did not sound like acting. Itís like I could feel what she was feeling. Maybe the moans sounded like me, Iím not sure, all I know is that this was getting to me. I put my hand between my legs and my clit was so hard and sensitive that when my fingers just barely brushed against it I jerked and almost came out of the couch. My panties were soaked.

With my eyes almost shut I watched the girls head bobbing as the guy fucked her hard. Her moans filled my head. Before I really realized what I was doing I had three fingers in me. I never do that, but I could just feel that guys cock fucking me. I kept pushing my fingers in me and I was so wet it seemed like I could put my whole hand in. It didnít take much of that before I came. It was good but I didnít feel done.

The TV program had ended but I could still hear that girl moaning and that sort of kept me lingering. I wasnít sure if I wanted to shower or just go lay on my bed. I got up and took my panties off. The couch was really soaked. I threw them out in the hall with the socks. Itís by the basement door. The washing machine is down there. When I was walking out of the room I thought I seen something out of the corner of my eye. But there wasnít anything at the window. I went to the bedroom and sat on the bed and then I heard something out in the hall. I looked but didnít see anything.

I just felt like getting a shower, but then I did see something out of my bedroom window. There was a guy running to the woods at the back of my house. It seems something like that would scare me, but I really didn't feel that. I went back into the hall kind of wondering what to do. Then I noticed my socks and panties were gone. The hall window was up and I knew what had happened. For a minute I was kind of mad, but then it started to sink in that this guy was going to probably use my things to get off and he had most likely seen me doing myself.

Now I wasnít scared or mad.  That thought of what he was going to do had me rubbing myself. I just had to see if he was doing it now out there in the woods. I got my robe and went out there. I grew up here and know these woods well. I walked for awhile and didnít see anything. After I started back I heard a girlís voice. I couldnít understand any particular words but I could tell where it was coming from. I went that way, trying not to make any noise. Then I saw them. It was that guy and a girl. The girl was completely naked on her knees. What she was saying was ďplease master let me have the smelly pantiesĒ. It looked like she was talking about my panties. The guy had them to his nose. Then heíd tease the girl by putting them toward her mouth. Sheíd open her mouth in such a wanton and abandoned way. Her tongue was all the way out and sheíd move her head toward them. She had a look like she really wanted them in her mouth bad. A pleading and kind of helpless look like she would do anything to taste them. The guy would pull them away just before they touched her lips. This scene was turning me on for sure. I started rubbing my pussy. I had pulled my robe apart and it fell off my shoulders. Now Iím standing here naked masturbating while watching these complete strangers act out some hot sex thing that involved my panties. I could hardly stand it. My knees felt so weak I wanted to sit or lay down but I was afraid to make any noise.

At times I actually felt like I might just collapse but I could not stop. The guy kept teasing the girl and she kept saying or more like pleading, begging her master for the panties. Finally he stuffed them in her mouth and she started sucking like she was trying to get some juice out of fruit or something. The way she was doing it, itís almost like she was possessed or something. Then the guy pulled his thing out and started jacking it. I had to get down on my knees. I couldnít stand anymore. I was so wet it seems like I was peeing. When I finally got adjusted the guy had my socks up to his nose. I didnít know what to think. I just couldnít think. I was overcome by waves. The girl was rubbing my panties all over her face and licking them. I remember seeing the guyís eyes look like they were going to go shut then he shot gobs and gobs of stuff all over the girls face and lots of it in her mouth. The next thing I know I was waking up and they were gone.


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