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From Behind:



I ordered two pairs of used dirty cotton panties from this website last week. All week long, I have been beating my wife to the mail because I did not want her to find my order in the mail. The package finally showed up, discretely addressed to me. I knew as soon as I saw the package what joy lay inside for me. I pulled the package from the mail box and my balls were already swelling in my pants.

My wife yelled to me "what was in the mail?" and I responded with “just bills, nothing great”. I then told her I was going to shower. I reached the bathroom with my package not knowing what to do first. I wanted to smell the aroma from the panties, lick them and wear them on my head, but, what to do first. I undressed and turned on the shower to cover the moans I would soon be making.

I sat on the toilet seat with my bare ass and slowly opened the envelope. I started to smell the pussy juice as soon as the envelope cracked. The smell filled the air and my cock instantly hardened thinking of the gushing vagina that once wore the panties. I carefully pulled the first pair out of the package and pulled them over my head. I placed my nose where the pelvic bone would be and started to stroke my dick back and forth quickly. I could feel on my face the still damp white gusset in it. I licked the white cream in the gusset tasting the woman who wore the panties. I then took out the other panties. They were red panties with small white hearts on them. The center of them was also still damp and they smelled of sweetness to me. I grabbed the panties and wrapped them around my cock as I stroked it.

I sat on the toilet stroking for a bit then decided to try something a little different with my panties. I went into the medicine cabinet and pulled out some baby oil. I dipped the red panties into the oil and smeared them up and down the crack of my ass and pushed them with my finger into my asshole. Ohhhhh, that felt so good. I started panting harder now, I could smell the wet twat on my face and I imagined the pussy that was in them just days before. I twisted the panties around on my head as I sniffed them until I found where her ass had been. I began rapidly sucking the cloth and stroking my cock while still holding the red pair of panties in my asshole. As I sucked I found a tiny pubic hair and chewed on it with my teeth like a piece of candy.

My breathing was deeper now, and the steam from the shower was making me hot. My cock was wet and hard and my balls were dripping from the steam. I pulled the panties from my ass and set them on the sink. I poured more oil down the crack of my ass and began to finger myself as I took in a few deep sniffs. Then, from behind the leg of the panties, I saw my wife’s curling iron hanging on a hook. I took the large barrel and shoved it deep into my asshole holding it in place and thrusting out my hips. I wrapped the red panties around my dick and started sucking heavily on the panties until I shot a wad of cum into the panties. My balls still throbbing, I slowly eased my grip on my cock.

I took the panties from my face and bent over to slowly remove the protruding curling iron from my hole. Just as I bent over touching my toes, I saw my wife standing in back of me. I was so humiliated, I could have died. I did not want her to know of my panty fetish. I froze, waiting for her to say something, but, she said nothing. Instead she walked up behind me and began pumping the curling iron in and out of my asshole. My cock instantly got hard again. My wife saw the panties on the sink and as she fucked my ass she took the red pair and shoved them under my nose. “ Suck on them” she demanded. “ Suck on them now” I began to suck the juice mixed with my cum from the panties. She then grabbed the other panties and pulled them over her head. She started to breath very hard as did I. She started to suck on the white cream that still stained the worn panties and asked me why I had not shared earlier. She still kept fucking my ass with the curling iron and I stroked my cock. Then she reached under me and fondled my balls and she pumped the curling iron in and out. She took more oil and poured it down my crack and the iron slid into my ass with ease. She reached her head under my thighs and began to suck on my balls through the panties. I could feel the wet steamy cotton rubbing up and down  my balls and over to my ass.

As my cock continued to harden, she pulled the curling iron from my ass and inserted it into her cunt. She spread her slit open sitting on the sink plunging the unit into her back and forth. I reached around and put the panties over my head as well. Then, I stuck my tongue out of the corner of the panties and began to flick it across my wife’s pussy back and forth. Her tits were hard and she leaned back moaning. I started to suck the throbbing clit through the panties as I sucked the white cream off of them. I reached up and twisted her nipples back and forth making them harder and harder.

She grabbed my head and pulled my face and the panties into her pussy harder. “Don’t stop, damn it, don’t stop”. I continued to suck her off through the panties until she let out a scream and came into the panties and my mouth. I sucked her cum through the panties. It tasted sweet and I gobbled every drop up with eager hunger.

She crawled down from the sink and sat under me. Still keeping the wet panties on her head she started to suck my cock through the cotton. Her lips suckled the tip of my rod and then stroked her teeth up and down the shaft as I continued to smell the essence of another woman and fantasize about her pussy. I could hold it no longer and shot my load into her mouth. She leaned her throat back and swallowed all of my juice and then licked her lips in satisfaction.  

I don’t know why I kept my secret, but, I am glad my wife found out. She now orders me dirty panties as a treat. I find them in my lunch box sometimes with little candy kisses and a note reminding me to share my treasure with her when I get home.


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